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Public Works

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The Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining the streets, storm water system, park and buildings owned by the Borough as well as snow removal. The Public Works Department and Honey Brook Borough continues to partner with residents to focus efforts to maintain an attractive, safe and healthy community.

The Public Works Department is comprised of a part-time staff of competent employees. Although the Public Works Department is proactive and remains diligent in preventive maintenance, it also depends on your assistance by reporting problems that occur by calling the Borough office at 610 273-2020.

All Property owners, including absentee landlords are required to comply with Borough ordinances related to property maintenance, waste disposal and sidewalk maintenance.

As a reminder, property owners are responsible to maintain their sidewalks in good condition, free from safety hazards, debris or toys. Owners are to remove grass, weeds, dirt, snow and cinders from their sidewalks. Sidewalks must always allow a clear path for walking or a wheelchair.

Property owners are also responsible to maintain their shrubbery on and around public sidewalks, curbs and streets to insure a clear path on the sidewalk and a clear site distance for motorist at intersection. If you have questions regarding this, please call us at the Borough office, we are always ready to help.

As a further reminder, it is prohibited to put grass clippings into Borough streets. Discarded clippings clog storm water drains and require costly clean-up and flushing at taxpayer expense.

Public Works Staff

  • Bill Ford, Supervisor
  • John Robb
  • Glen Morgan
  • Jason Mooney
  • Jim Rock