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Kraft Code Services
 Honey Brook Borough uses Kraft Code Services, LLC as their Zoning/Codes Officer. For Permit information and applications visit Kraft Codes Services at www.kraftcodeservices.com, click on Permit Info/Applications. 

Permit applications must be mailed or dropped off at Honey Brook Borough Hall, 71 Pequea Avenue.

A certificate of occupancy is required prior to the resale or rental of any single family dwelling or residential dwelling unit by the Borough Residential Health & Safety Ordinance.

A Zoning Certificate of Use & Occupancy is required prior to any new commercial occupancy of any structure.  If the new occupancy wishes to claim an exemption from the zoning use restrictions as pre-existing nonconforming, then a nonconforming application is also required.  Finally, if the new occupancy is of a different use-group, then a construction permit is also required. (e.g. A restaurant moving into a space that was previously an office, etc.) 

All landlords are required to file an occupancy report whenever a new tenant occupies a space owned by the landlord. They are also required to file an occupancy report annually, on or before January 31st. If a property owner owns multiple properties, they must fill out a form for each property.