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Honey Brook Borough Code Enforcement

Code & Zoning Officer: 


Anthony Campbell -  610-931-3040


For any information/questions regarding Building Permits or to schedule an appointment, please contact Anthony Campbell at: 610-931-3040.

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Uniform Construction Permit Application
A permit is required prior to most construction projects.OR



Change of Use and/or Occupancy Form
 (download application)
A certificate of occupancy is required prior to the resale or rental of any single family dwelling or residential dwelling unit by the Borough Residential Health & Safety Ordinance. 

Residential Rental/Re-sale Inspection Requirements (download)

Commercial Rental/Re-sale Inspection Requirements (download)


Application to Claim Pre-Existing Nonconforming Use(download application)

A Zoning Certificate of Use & Occupancy is required prior to any new commercial occupancy of any structure.  If the new occupancy wishes to claim an exemption from the zoning use restrictions as pre-existing nonconforming, then a nonconforming application is also required.  Finally, if the new occupancy is of a different use-group, then a construction permit is also required. (e.g. A restaurant moving into a space that was previously an office, etc.) 

Rental & Tenant Registration Form
 (download application)
All landlords are required to file an occupancy report whenever a new tenant occupies a space owned by the landlord.  They are also required to file an occupancy report annually, on or before January 31st. If a property owner owns multiple properties, they must fill out a form for each property. 

PennDOT Overhead Banner Application
(download application)

 Overhead Banners require Borough approval, and PennDOT approval when spanning Rt. 322 or Rt. 10.  This application may be used for both approvals. 

Resident Complaint Form (download)



Honey Brook Borough Codes

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Honey Brook Township and Borough Multi-Municipal Comprehensive Plan & Appendices


 ORD 208- Code Enforcement/Violations & Notice of Violations

ORD 209- Zoning/Lot, Yard, Height Requirements

ORD 210 - Solid Waste

ORD 211 - Chapter 21/Street Occupancy/PennDot Requirements

ORD 212 - Chapter 22/Subdivision and Land Development

ORD 213 - Chapter 15/Motor Vehicles & Traffic/ General Parking Regulations

ORD 214 - Chapter 27/ Zoning - Billboards

ORD 215- Health & Safety/Grass, Weeds and Other Vegetation

ORD 216 - Chapter 22/Subdivision and Land Development-Sidewalks and Paths

ORD 217 - Chapter 21/Streets and Sidewalks

ORD 218 - Chapter 20/Solid Waste - Multifamily Units & NonResidential Units

ORD 219 - Chapter 20/Solid Waste

ORD 220 -Chapter 27/Zoning - Storage Shed, Accessory

ORD 221 - Stormwater Management Ordinance

ORD 222 - Regulating Non Stormwater Discharges

ORD 223 -Chapter 22/ Subdivision and Land Development

ORD 224 -Chapter 27/Zoning-General Regulations

ORD 225 - Chapter 27/Zoning- Supplemental Use Regulations - Swimming Pools

ORD 226 - Chapter 21/Streets and Sidewalks - Obstructions to be Removed from Sidewalks

ORD 227 - Chapter 27/Zoning

ORD 228 - Chapter 1/ Administration and Government

ORD 229 - Chapter 27, Sect. 27-1311 Conditional Use Process

ORD 230 - Chapter 15, Part 2, Sect. 205

ORD 238 - Open Burning

Honey Brook Borough Zoning Map - Click here to view



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Honey Brook Borough

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Honey Brook, PA 19344

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